TRAVEL IS LIFE #mviajera by Victoria Montoya | Make Your Own Book   My final project for Digital Photography class will be a book about my travels during this year (2017) and what I have learned thanks to them, regarding culture but also people. It is important to say that the people is who teach and inspire […]



The Point/Counterpoint exhibition has shown me many pieces of contemporary art that let me see the Mexican culture from different points of view, or from different lenses, and also from the different parts that compose the national identity of Mexico and its society. There were photographies and also videos that expose varied topics like the […]

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Alphabet at CSUSM

Looking for each alphabet letter around the campus… One of the main rules was to not shape anything to create a letter, so for that reason it was a little bit difficult, but also because of the darkness. My favorite is the “Ribbon R” because it really seems shaped by someone, but the wind helped […]

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In your own words describe what is Street Photography. Street Photography is a style of photography totally without preparing anything, just using the street as scenario and photographing people that pass there. 2. Explain what aperture and shutter speed are. Aperture is the diameter of the lens opened. It controls the mount of light that […]

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Silver & Light

I can’t describe what I feel seeing such inspirational videos like the one that from Silver & Light by Ian Ruhter, the Alchemist. I mean, it’s a pleasure hear about stories like his one and also learn from people like him. Ian Ruhter  has created her own “giant camera”, or like he describes it, a “time […]

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Discovery Park

Today, on Digital Photography class, we went to Discovery Park in San Marcos (California) to practice taking photos with natural lights in a natural environment. We worked on groups and we also had a little artificial light. So here are my 5 fav pics!

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Letter From A Young Artist II

Not a long time ago I wrote a post about the book Letters To A Young Artist and also about what Young-ha Kim made me feel with his video Be an artist, right now!. Now, I am going to continue talking about the book while telling you what I take as important from each authors that made […]

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Artificial Lights

Last Digital Photography class we experimented shooting with artificial lights.Everyone had to be a model to the rest of the class at least once, so it was kind of fun. Artificial lights allow us to be more creative with shadows, highlights, blacks, whites… But I have to recognize that my exposure was not good on […]

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